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A weekly posting of anonymous Supernatural fandom-related secrets.

Supernatural Secrets
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A secret community for the Supernatural fandom.



1. Friend the community, do not join it.
It works just like ljsecret and fandomsecrets; the only members are the moderators.
Note: It is possible to friend a community without being a member: just hit the +friend button like you normally would to add an ordinary user.

2. All secrets must be Supernatural-related. This mean that it must contain a secret about a character, former/current/future actor, staff members, plot, or just general show-related secrets. As long as it is Supernatural-related, anyone can submit a secret.
We do not judge and all secrets are anonymous. We are also NOT against "fake" secrets. A funny secret is still a secret.

3. Any and all Supernatural-related topics are welcome.

4. "In-character" secrets are NOT allowed, i.e. no posting a secret "as Dean" declaring his undying love for Sam. All secrets like this will be ignored: go write some fanfiction instead. However, feel free to express your own OOC love for a certain character or how much you love a certain pairing, if you want. Fan boy/girl away.

5. Please keep all secret-images under 600x600 pixels in size and please submit only one secret per comment.

6. Anonymous comments on secret posts are allowed, and IP addresses will not be logged; however, flames will not be tolerated. If a user is caught flaming, a warning will be issued; upon further incident, the user's IP will be permanently banned.

7. Once a secret is submitted, it will be posted. Be sure it's something you're comfortable revealing, even anonymously!
Because of this, if a secret contains someone's personal photos/drawings or states the identity of another person, secrets may be removed at the original owner's request. Contact a mod for details.

8. Any questions should be directed to a moderator. An FAQ post will be up soon.


1. Each week or so, one of the mods will put up a Secret Submissions Post in the community.

2. Pick a Supernatural fandom-related secret and put it onto an image of whatever you like - but please try to keep it related to the secret as much as possible. All types and ratings of images are fine; your "image" can be something as simple as plain old typed words on MS Paint. If you're unsure about how to do this, see an how-to entry here.

3. Upload your secret/image onto the internet through whatever image-sharing service you like, then post a link to your secret-image as an anonymous comment to the current Secret Submissions Post.

4. If you have more than one secret to post, make sure you post each as a separate comment. If more than one is posted in a single comment, it will be up to the moderator's discretion which is posted in the next entry.

5. Be sure to include all warnings that apply to your secret-image along with the comment (spoilers, adult content, etc). Also, you are responsible for knowing where the link to your image goes; we will not take the blame for broken links or any wank created by someone else discovering who submitted a certain secret.

6. Wait for your secret to be posted in one of the secret posts following your submission! Until more watchers/members are attained, secrets will be posted when there are at least 5 submissions. We will keep you updated when a set schedule is made.

7. Any suggestions, comments, or concerns can be directed to any moderator.

PLEASE NOTE; Any secret depicting fanfic/fanart in the image will be taken down upon the request of the original author/artist. This also goes for personal photos or if a secret specifically states a person's identity.



We are also listed at spn_guidebook!

Any copyright infringement by the images herein is unintentional. All media is copyright their respective owners. All concerns on this matter can be directed to the maintainers ( lotrabc and alwaysenduphere.)

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